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Making education simple, comfortable and enjoyable – This fundamental drives us to re-engineer the current tutoring system clogged by ed-tech traffic and complex curriculum. Aided by a precise curriculum, VM Ed integrates the trends revolutionizing the education industry with offline tutoring – effectively breaking the boundaries of pandemic schooling. Our syllabus encapsulates school curriculum, undergrad and competitive exams.

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50 %

Students Find Remote Learning as Contributing to More Stress

30 %

Students Felt a Lack of Interaction With Teachers in Online Classes

45 %

Students Disengaged From Using the Online Learning Environment

57 %

Students Never Watched Recorded Lectures They Received in Their Online Learning Modules


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“Apart from being a patient mentor, Ma'am has always been one to mould herself as per the needs of her students and the changing trends. For the seven years that I had been her student, I had always known that she was the person to turn to when it came to demystifying difficult and dreaded concepts.
Shinjini Chakraborty
“Mrs. Munshi was my science tutor for the greater part of 5 years from classes 8 to 12. Ma'am is the reason I ended up loving science as I grew up. The base of my scientific knowledge that has now become my career discipline is nothing but an amalgamation of the qualities madam culminated in me.
Arjya Mukherjee
Medical Student
“I am grateful for my extraordinary physics tutor, Mrs. Ajanta Munshi, a remarkable lady, who guided me from class 7 to 12. Her passion and expertise ignited my curiosity and inspired me to pursue physics further. With engaging lessons, she made complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.
Shayantani Dasgupta
Pursuing PhD

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