Life Sciences: Teaching learning process and the job market

Biological sciences and the technologies emanating from modern biology will guide the human civilization in the present century and onwards. As the major problems facing by human like- global warming, ecological disasters, forest fires, flash floods, green energy shortage, evolving green chemistry, food shortage to feed burgeoning population, medical treatment,  to make the development sustainable;  haunting us to learn the underlying rules of the living world. Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, biotechnology, evolutionary biology, biostatistics, epidemiology, genetic engineering, protein engineering, immune therapy, small molecule drug development are the different specialties in which huge job prospects already developed throughout the world. Our country is also looking for that.  But to enter into the above said highly specialized fields one first to know the environment of the subject basic or classical biology and/or life sciences. One has to learn the mechanisms of the living world in this planet. Otherwise it will be starting play without knowing the rules. One simple example can explain that-for making genetic engineering fruitful you have to know wherefrom the required gene will come.

In this backdrop a major component of the future knowledge society shall be knowledge of biology as a whole. Understanding the importance of knowledge of biology in the west the people of physical sciences, chemical sciences, mathematical sciences, earth sciences etc. engaged themselves in research in biological fields from the mid of the last century. And that helped development science in both ways. As a result the importance of learning and teaching biology increased, and it has been included in the syllabi of different professional courses also, thereafter. Now it has been started in our country also. Very recently biology modules have been included in B.E. courses also nationwide. Teaching methodology and pedagogy also changing accordingly. For this people of different subjects have to come and think over in a holistic way. And face to face interactions with the students in the class, board work are the ways to percolate innovative thinking within the students. This is most important to face the unknown problem and solve it. Employers are also judging that during campus interviews and offering a job. Keeping all these in mind Vcent media is developing modules for class teaching, organizing workshops with students and guardians ,starting educational and career counseling from the secondary and higher secondary levels to the highest level of courses. It is to support the students and guardians to reach a standard to get proper jobs after completion of the education. Experts from all fields are here to guide and teach the students in air- conditioned smart class rooms with state of the art technologies including AI. To create innovative minds to serve the job market in India and abroad is our motto. We hope in association with the budding intelligent minds of this state we can reach our goal and at the same time will travel in a learning process.


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